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Create London, 2021. Botanical Survey of Becontree Estate – work conducted in association with Salix Ecology

Denis was commissioned by Create London to undertake a botanical survey of the Becontree Estate (895ha) in East London.

  • Field survey work was carried out by Paul Losse (Salix Ecology) and Denis Vickers. The survey gathered data at different levels and intensity. It included a coarser survey utilising a grid squares system covering the whole estate and more detailed case studies comprising the grounds of Valence House and the gardens of five Becontree houses.

  • The survey focused on several key features and attributes e.g., was a plant native or introduced; if non-native, from where did it originate; was it of historical importance, invasive, rare or common? Did it have any medicinal and / or culinary usage, and was it of value to wildlife? All plant species found during the survey were identified and recorded wherever possible.

  • The results of the survey would go on to be used by artist Uriel Orlow to inform his work in marking the centenary year of the Becontree Estate.

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