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London Boroughs of Harrow and Barnet, 2023. PEA and Bat Roost Assessment Watling Park (Barnet) and Chandos Park (Harrow)

Denis was commissioned by the London Boroughs of Barnet and Harrow to carry out preliminary ecological appraisals (PEAs) and ground level bat roost assessments at Watling Park (Barnet) and Chandos Park (Harrow) on behalf of the boroughs.

Flood risk mitigation features were being considered within both parks to alleviate the risk of flooding of neighbouring roads and residential properties as part of the Silk Stream Flood and Resilience Innovation (SSFRI) works.

The surveys included:

  • Describing the habitats recorded on each site and associated fauna including field signs.

  • Identifying features which have the potential to support priority / protected species.

  • Evaluating ecological resources / features on each site and placing these in the appropriate geographical context following standard CIEEM (2018) guidance on ecological impact assessment.

  • Advising on any additional (phase 2) ecological surveys which may be required to more fully inform current knowledge of the site’s ecology.

  • Identifying potential avoidance / mitigation measures which may be required concerning likely adverse impacts of works on priority habitats or protected or priority species.

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